the birth...of redbynoon

yo. we’ve been getting a lot of “cool shirts dudes…how’d you come up with the idea?” type inquiries from friends and strangers alike. valid question. obvi, you haven’t read the blurbs on our website, social media, etc. that we assumed were pretty good clues to answer your question, but no worries, reading between the lines can be tricky biz, so we’ll fill in the gaps right here right now.

warning: reading required.

so…emily and i (michaela) have really only been friends since 2014, when we started teaching fitness classes at the studio we had been attending for awhile. our friendship solidified quickly on a trip to LA for the studio where we shared flights (and a bed…oo la la…and some face wash…oo la la la la?) and realized we pretty much had lived parallel lives and it was our destiny to meet. we decided that weekend to be friends forevs. kinda like in kindergarten when you're like, "want to be my friend?" to some random on the playground, and they're like, "yeah" and then you just hang out everyday. apparently you can do that as an adult too. just subtract playground and add alcohol. simple math.

no, i won’t keep rambling…yeah right, i totally will. but i’m getting to the name redbynoon, promise. fast forward to em and i working out on the weekends and either planning on or spontaneously agreeing to BRUNCH right after class. we would hit up our fave local joints, order the requisite mimosa (hold the juice), greyhound (very easy on the juice), or bloody mary cart (so we could mix our own, duh), and, after downing those, turn to each other and say the magic words, “want to just split a bottle?”

hello. answer: yes. and by bottle, we meant a bottle of red wine, like legit red wine. not rose, and rarely gamay or pinot noir (note: we are fans of all varietals in the right setting of course, so don’t boo us yet)…typically, we just went straight to a malbec, supertuscan or cab. keep in mind it was usually like 10:45ish am when this went down, so we enjoyed watching a new server's reaction to our order as well as the looks from other tables. admittedly, we were in sweaty workout clothes with even sweatier hair and sans makeup, so it wasn't like we were super posh and elegant doing this...but, we were comfy and wine with breakfast is tasty. 

one day, we started joking about how if we ever lived to be super old, like past 100, someone would undoubtedly ask, “what’s your secret to longevity?” -to which we are going to respond (in a creaky smoky old lady voice) “just drink a bottle of red by noon, honey.” and then we would look off into the distance and take a long drag on our cigarette...because if we lived that long, who really cares if you start smoking? disclaimer: we do not smoke, smoking is bad, remember your D.A.R.E. training, and if you do want to smoke, find us when we turn 99, and we can be smoking buddies until death. k, cool.

of course we thought this was hilarious (yes, we were on the second bottle…) and oddly, as this convo was evolving, we were starting to notice that literally every person whom we saw at the restaurant that day was wearing an inspirational shirt. you know the kind:

  • believe in yourself
  • be fearless
  • dare to dream

blah blah blah. this non-stop parade of positivity also became comical, and as each new shirt walked by our table, we started bantering about what our sayings would be:

  • believe in yourself…you can finish that entire bottle alone
  • be fearless…order a double
  • dare to dream…of world full of open bars and hot bartenders

so yeah, we’re the worst. and those saying are ludicrous drunk talk, but emily saw through the mess, and with her lightbulb moment, “um, we should do this…we should actually make shirts that are about alcohol” and my enthusiasm for alcohol, sarcasm, and new projects: boom, redbynoon. 

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